Students and teachers are urged to use all of the resources available.The library should be the core of the students’ education.


Morning Homeroom Procedure
  • The library opens at 7 a.m.
  • Students are responsible for checking in with their homeroom teacher prior to the late bell. Attendance must be taken in individual homerooms.

Study Hall and Lunch Procedure
  • Students wishing to use the library should report to the library prior to the late bell during a scheduled study hall or lunch period.
  • Sign in on the LGI or Dining Room sheet.
  • Sign in sheets will be distributed to the study hall supervisors at the beginning of the period for attendance purposes.
  • Student must stay in the library the entire period.
  • The number of passes issued daily will depend upon the sizes of the classes using the library during the day.

Afternoon Procedure
  • The library closes at 3:30 p.m. Closing time may be adjusted due to inventory or meetings.

Academics takes priority in the library.

  • Any disruption in the library will result in a dismissal from the library.

Check Out, Renewal, Fine, and Lost/Damaged Book Policy

  • Reference materials may only be used in the library.
  • Books are circulated for a two week period and may be renewed any time during the two week period. When renewing materials, students must present all materials for renewal, unless renewing on-line.
  • All materials must be checked out by the person who will be using the materials.
  • Students who have overdue books or fines may only use library materials during the lunch period or after school.
  • The fine for overdue books is five cents a day.
  • Students will be charged the cost needed to replace any lost and/or damaged books.
  • Only three books may be checked out at a time.